Jim Likes Games

Jim Likes Games

Jim Likes Games is an ongoing audio diary of the many, many role-playing sessions of Jim Crocker, longtime tabletop RPG retailer, curator, author, and community organizer. The show will feature recaps of game sessions, observations and discourse on RG play and design, interviews, and special events.

Recent Episodes

2021.01.12 Last Fleet Episode One

Jan. 13, 2021

https://blackarmada.com/product/last-fleet/ is a tabletop RPG that follows the remnants of humanity as they flee an implacable alien foe. It's a PBTA love letter to Battlestar Galactica. We organized and played this game vi…

2020.06.03 Bluebeard's Bride: The Boarding School

June 3, 2020

https://magpiegames.com/pages/bluebeards-bride is a pbta game of feminist body horror and haunted exploration. We played an alternate playset, The Boarding School. We organized and played this game via https://www.gauntlet…

2020.02.07 Derby Drama

Feb. 7, 2020

https://derbydrama.com/ is a story game that captures the thrills, spills, and feels of Roller Derby. This session was a playtest run by the designer. We organized and played this game via https://www.gauntlet-rpg.com/. F…

2019.10.15 Night Witches: Rudnya 1943

Oct. 16, 2019

https://bullypulpitgames.com/products/night-witches is the pbta game of the single women-only regiment in the Red Army, bomber pilots flying outdated WWI-era planes. We organized and played this session via the https://www.…

2019.10.10 Visigoths vs Mall Goths: Goat to Hell!

Oct. 10, 2019

https://necromancy.itch.io/goths is a dating sim-adjacent freeform RPG that dramatizes the lives and loves of rival groups of 1996 LA spooky teens and the barbarian warriors who sacked Rome. Check out an https://youtu.be/pY…

2019.09.04 Girl Underground

Sept. 4, 2019

https://girlunderground.org/ is the PBTA game of the coming-of-age of an adolescent girl and the fantastical places she visits based in stories like Alice in Wonderland, Labyrinth, and The Wizard of Oz. We organized and p…